Artiko website design

Hello and welcome!

Artiko is a creative web design consultancy based in West Bridgford, Nottingham. We specialise in professional, bespoke website design and production for businesses and individuals in the Nottingham, Leicester, Derby and East Midlands area.

We also provide a range of other design related services including multimedia CD presentations, brochure design and logo development.

Why choose Artiko Website Design?

We appeal to businesses and organisations of all sizes who are looking for an enthusiastic and personal service, quality work and value for money. Whether you are embarking upon a new venture or wishing to revive an ailing online presence, we will help you to achieve your goals. We provide a highly attentive service and work hard to achieve well structured, efficiently functioning websites that create a powerful impression and inspire confidence. We have worked for over 20 years in the design industry, are down-to-earth and good at communicating. We always endeavour to make the project an enjoyable experience for our clients but above all, we strive to make it a success! Read more in ‘About Us’

Artiko websites aim to:

Create a positive first impression ...

First impressions definitely do count in the world of web browsing. A smart, compelling company image incorporated into an attractively designed and efficiently functioning website will instantly create a good first impression of your organisation.

It will immediately convey professionalism, inspire confidence and encourage the visitor to find out more.

Give you an edge over your immediate competitors...

We can look at your competitors' sites and aim to surpass them in both design and content. If your website outshines those of your rivals, your company is more likely to be the first port of call for enquiries from a potential new customer.

You also have a head start if a prospective customer or client has a positive image of your company before he has actually spoken to you.

Lure potential clients with an effective and inspiring home page...

A well written, interesting and information-laden home page will draw readers in and will entice visitors to browse further, while various ‘calls to action’ will encourage them to make contact.

However, we take care not to overwhelm or to confuse. By implementing a good, clean layout and clear typography, we provide content which guides the reader in a useful and logical manner and produce pages which are easy on the eye.

Reduce your overall marketing costs...

A website is the ideal format for displaying limitless quantities of information which can be amended and added to at any time. Many companies will dispense with brochures and leaflets and save considerably on printing costs.

Of course, brochures can still be produced, perhaps targeting specific areas of operation which can then be downloaded and printed from the website.

Increase the volume of traffic to your site...

An effective Search Engine Optimisation campaign will produce good results in the major search engines, allowing your site to be found through keyword searches by a greater number of people.

Level the playing field when competing with larger competitors...

This is one of the great benefits of the internet. With a top quality website, a smaller company can project the image, credibility and professionalism of a much larger organisation.

Attain a higher profile within your industry or profession...

While a presence on the web may be needed to gain new business, a by-product of a well designed and informative site will be to promote your image not only to prospective and existing clients but also to your peers within the industry. An effective site will also impress potential employees and even investors.

Create a closer relationship with existing customers/clients...

A variety of personal interest or interactive features will help to forge better relationships. We can incorporate any of the following into your website: a news section; staff profiles; a blog; a forum; client success stories; a frequently asked questions section; a customer feedback form; relevant interactive quizzes or tests.

These sections will allow visitors to learn more about your company and add interest to the overall user experience. If information is regularly updated, people will be encouraged to revisit the site.

A customer enquiry form will enable you to learn more about prospective customers' requirements and will also generate a useful mailing list.

Art and Technology Unite!

A mix of creative and technical skills are essential for producing good, solid website design and impressive multimedia CD presentations. Coming from a strong design background, Artiko combines creativity and marketing expertise with an in-depth knowledge and command of the technical aspects of website production. Resulting in visually attractive yet highly functional, tailor-made websites and powerful CD presentations.