Who are Artiko Web Design?

Artiko is run by Malc Warren, a graduate of The Central School of Art and Design, who founded MW Design, a Graphic Design consultancy in the mid 80's, working in London and Hertfordshire before settling in Nottingham in 1990.

These days our work is largely web-based and most of our time is spent producing high quality, individually designed websites.

With over 20 years' design experience, our strengths stretch beyond just ‘delivering the goods’. You'll find us articulate, friendly and personable, yet with a mature and wholly professional approach. We will explain the trickier technical aspects of web design in plain english and won't blind you with science (unless you want us to!).

Easy to get on with!

Experience has taught us that good communication is crucial to the success of any type of design-based project. And one of our greatest strengths is our ability to get on with our clients. Not only do we produce great work, but people both like us and enjoy working with us! We'll turn what can sometimes be a daunting journey into the unknown, into a stress-free and pleasant experience. Over the years we have enjoyed close working relationships with clients at every level. We have been involved with businesses of every shape and size, local authorities, doctors, consultants and charities. And even a Formula 1 racing team!

We will both talk to you AND listen, since we will need to learn as much as we can about your business, your clients or customers and even your competitors, before allowing the ideas to flow. We will remain in close contact with you throughout the project as website design has a tendency to evolve and your feedback at every stage is very important.

We would love to hear from you!

If you would like any advice regarding a new or existing website, please call us now for a no-obligation, preliminary chat.

01949 835584