Search engine optimisation (SEO)

High profile websites

A successful website is one which has a high profile and receives many visitors. This can largely be achieved by good rankings in the major search engines and Artiko websites are always designed to be search engine friendly.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of improving a website's content, code, navigation and link structure in order to make the site rank higher in search engine results for appropriate keyword searches.

SEO has been the subject of lengthy debate for many years and much has been written on how to successfully optimise a website; what is ethical; and what is considered to be cheating search engines or ‘spamming’. Artiko adheres to the increasingly popular philosophy that the key to SEO is simply to build a high quality site.

We do this by paying attention to search engine optimisation techniques and by implementing strategies throughout the project to ensure that the design, the copy and the code is all search engine friendly. We incorporate the following into all our sites as standard:

  • keyword research and selection
  • optimisation of title and meta tags
  • optimisation of navigation systems
  • optimisation of copy
  • link building if required
  • fully optimised code
  • Robot management
  • Competitive analysis – ie studying your competitors' sites with regard to SEO
  • An optimised site map

Once your site is up and running we can also discuss an on-going marketing strategy to maintain a high profile in the search engines.