Website Design

Most businesses can't afford not to have a presence on the web these days. A website is probably the most powerful marketing tool a business or organisation may have. After all, it is available to showcase services or products, around the UK and beyond, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In today's economic climate, there is an even greater need for your website to be working efficiently for you. Not only does it need to create the right image, impart the necessary information clearly and function well, the bottom line is that it needs to generate enquiries and produce business. At Artiko, we endeavour to produce professional, well structured, attractive websites which inspire confidence and give a competitive edge.

We have developed sites of all sizes from a basic online presence such as a small, static brochure site, to more sophisticated content managed ones and large e-commerce and database-driven sites. We can implement a content management system specially tailored to your needs which will allow you to quickly and simply add new content to your site whenever you need to.

Artiko are flexible in approach; we can handle the whole range of web design services involved in a website project, including the design, production, database construction, content management system, hosting and search engine optimisation. Or we can act as design consultants and work in conjunction with your IT department on the construction. We are happy to work with your designs or ideas too.

Artiko produces professional, well-structured and highly functional websites

Whatever its purpose, people are more likely to respond positively to the information displayed on your website, if it is easy to access and attractively laid out.

In our experience, the success of a website depends upon a number of factors:

  • consistent navigation
  • informative, well-written copy
  • a logical structure
  • strong visual content
  • a command of the latest coding techniques to ensure quick and smooth functioning on all the main browsers and high ranking in the search engines
  • fast-loading web pages

We use our design experience and technical abilities to achieve these ends, resulting in user-friendly websites which are highly functional and create a powerful impression!

If you're thinking about a new website or would like to revamp your current one, please call Malc Warren. I'll be happy to assess your situation and discuss the possibilities with you.

01949 835584

Our objectives as web designers

  • to create a site which will hold visitors' interest once they have found you ie. a site which is informative, interesting and easy-to-read.
  • to encourage visitors to browse your whole site by implementing good, clear design and easy-to-follow navigation.
  • to entice prospective customers or clients to make contact!

Why is good design so important?

First impressions count. Visitors to your site will form an opinion regarding the quality of your organisation the instant they survey your site. Good design is therefore imperative for creating a favourable first glimpse of your company.

A smart-looking, efficiently functioning website will speak volumes about the calibre of your company. Conversely a chaotic, unattractive or ill-functioning website will not inspire confidence – these days people do not have the time or the patience to persevere with a slow and difficult-to-follow site.

All our sites adhere to W3C web standards

All of Artiko's websites are designed in accordance with and validated to The World Wide Web Consortium's W3C standards.

This means that we write ordered and well structured code in line with W3C stipulations.

The benefits of W3C validated code are numerous. It will result in faster loading pages, better search engine rankings, better accessibility for disabled users, allow sites to be more easily maintained and enable better browser compatibility.

Project planning

Planning is an important aspect of any design project. Before we commence work we'll supply a clear and detailed plan, outlining the various design and production stages and showing all the pages of the site in flow-chart form.

This allows us to give you an accurate quotation and to show you exactly what we are providing. We will always inform you if ideas which evolve as the project progresses have the potential to incur extra costs.

Working with you

Because there are just the two of us, you receive a very personal service! Either one of us is always available to discuss ideas, chew over any problems or simply report on progress.

At our initial briefing meeting, we will discuss with you in detail, your business, what makes it tick, your aims, your objectives and how you wish these to apply online.

We will be in regular contact with you throughout the project both for feedback and for your input – we never take a project away and come back weeks/months later with a fait accompli.

Web and Multimedia Technologies

Artiko use the following technologies in their website designs:

  • XHTML page coding
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Javascript coding
  • PHP coding
  • Ajax coding
  • Flash animation
  • MySQL database systems
  • CMS (Content Management Systems)